Ski Aviators

By Vallon

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The Ski Aviators pays homage to the most iconic ski sunglasses ever made. Originally championed by everyone from Jean-Claude Killy to Wayne Wong and Robert Redford, the Ski Aviators are about as 70s as it gets.

This type of aviator frame dominated ski culture in the 70s and early 80s. The epitome of cool, they were worn by everyone from the greatest skiers to the biggest movie stars. They came in all different sizes and colours. And then they disappeared...

We have therefore made it our mission to bring back the Ski Aviators to their former glory! Now updated with high-performance materials and a modified design allowing for a more modern fit. The frame is made from premium cellulose acetate; a non-petroleum based material that is very strong and durable. The nylon (polyamide) lens is optimal for active sports; impact resistant yet lightweight. The mirror-coated category 3 lens (100% UV) reflects light and reduces eyestrain, while also giving that 70s mountain style. The Ski Aviators are what VALLON is all about.

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