Racing Green Pomander

By Charabanc

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The Charabanc Pomander in Racing Green, is inspired by Britain's international motor racing colour that originated with the 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup. This luxury car fragrance accessory is accompanied by the fragrance journey which takes you 'Across Pennine Fells' and can be paired with any of our scented ceramic refills as and when required.

Across PENNINE FELLS Car Fragrance Journey:

[ Leafy, Freshly-Cut Grass, Resinous Pine, Sage, Lavender, Mint, Fir Balsam, Cedarwood ]

Released by spring showers, a resinous Scots Pine suffuses the breeze along with limestone and leaves. And beyond the moss, the dry-stone walls and the hedgerows, a highway to a craggier landscape beckons, glowering and mysterious.

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