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With MotorMemo® collector cars reconnect with their history!

MotorMemo is a clever, elegant log book with a vintage look designed so that the owner can easily enter the essential information of the life of his car in six pre-printed chapters: identification, features, history, owner (s), maintenance and a memo space (parts reference, useful contacts, etc.).

How about this: MotorMemo is suitable for all types of vehicles, and because each one is individually numbered it is as unique as its owner’s car.

MotorMemo is printed in France using traditional methods in an old school spirit; it is produced by craftsmen chosen for the quality of their knowhow who pay meticulous attention to detail.

MotorMemo is available now in 4 languages: English, German, French and Italian.

You can buy MotorMemo directly on our website: www.motormemo.com

MotorMemo exists in special editions for Professionals, Clubs, Brands… Contact us!

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