Limited Edition - Iconic Low - Navy Blue

By Vandel

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Our most casual design, perfect for any occasion, a lightweight construction and made-to-order (MTO) after each purchase by our artisans in Spain. Our MTO manufacturing process takes about 4 weeks, starting from the moment you place your order, when your pair is automatically launched to production. Please note, made-to-order items can not be cancelled or modified after being launched to production.

Color: Navy blue.
Exterior: 100% Merino - Origin: New Zealand.
Interior: 100% Merino - Origin: New Zealand.
Sole: 100% natural rubber - Origin: Spain.
Collar: reinforced with memory foam for driving comfort.
Blind eyelets: reinforced lace holes with glass fiber, stopping them from wearing away.
Seam free: the shoe's tongue is sewed directly to the vamp, ensuring there are no seams in the shoe's interior.

Our workshop opened in 1969.

The professionals responsible for our design consider their trade as an art form. Starting out by developing the designs, a prototype is then produced, and adjustments are made. Then it’s on to elaborating and classifying the suede, the sewing process and quality control. The entire process is placed in expert hands working alongside the most cutting-edge technology.

Proudly produced and designed 100% in Spain.

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