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India. It has one of the largest populations on earth and as with any country transport is vitally important, from factory workers to doctors everyone needs it. With an estimated 37 million motorcycle on the road in India, it's inevitable that accidents will occur. That is where this story begins. When our friend Niels Peter-Jensen was in India in 2018 he couldn't believe the amount of people who were riding without helmets, women and children riding pillion really caught his attention or more specifically their lack of safety gear. After being a witness to accident involving a young child, Niels a father himself, was compelled to take action to bring about change that might stop this from happening again.

The idea for Helmets for India was born.

Helmets for India brought the power of Art and the global motorcycle community to the table to raise awareness and to bring helmets to the those who desperately need them in India. Collecting over 1000 helmets from manufacturers to give away. As well as this in an effort to raise awareness manufactures donated helmets and 20 amazing artists worked their magic on the helmets to create a spectacular Art display that has been shown at motorcycle events around the globe. At the end of the year these helmets will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go towards initiatives in India to support non-profit road safety organisations in India.

As well as supplying helmets for the giveaway initiative and the amazing art show Hedon are producing a special edition Helmet to help raise funds for Helmets for India. A percentage of profit from each helmet sold will be donated.TheHFI Heroine Classiccomplete with Retro MX peak brings the bright colours of India, retro off-road motocross vibes and the iconic Hedon style all together in this special edition.

Heroine Classic offers the riding freedom and vision of an open face Hedon lid whilst keeping your pretty face as safe as a full face. Designed in London and handmade with a classic British retro style, it can be customised with our Anti-Fog goggle visors and different Sun Peaks for a vintage racing look.

* Black Vintage MotoX peak

* Composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre

* Bright tri-colour paint scheme, gloss finish

* Hed Armour lining with 360? cushion padding

* Merlin anti-bacterial fabric

* Natural calf leather trim and lining

* Anodised Steel Brass HEDON plate

* Anodised Steel Brass hardware

* Anodised Steel Brass DD buckle

* 3 channels ventilation system

* Ultra light and low profile shell

* Weight: S/M:1080 grams L/XL:1190 grams

Only available in ECE 2205 (This means they are road legal for all of Europe and the UK)

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