CAR RACING 1965 – Édition Limitée

By Éditions Cercle d'Art

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Collector’s Edition
Car Racing 1965 book with photographic print, limited edition
in a canvas box - 250 numbered copies, certificate of authenticity.

Born from the passion of a handful of men for photography and cars, preferably sports cars, the DPPI photo agency has endeavoured to share the daily life of drivers and racing teams, from the roads or circuits.

In Le Mans, in the hill races, or on the first circuits of what had not yet become the great bedlam of Formula 1, the cars and their drivers are accessible, welcoming. They smile at the amateurs who are not yet numerous at the edges of the tracks or circuits. These photographs from 1965, which for the most part have never been published before, are vividly and spontaneously commented by the photographers and protagonists of the time, who bear witness to their passion for these exceptional machines, these legendary drivers, and these essential manufacturers.

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