CAR RACING 1967 – Édition Limitée

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The DPPI photo agency was born from the passion of a handful of men for
photography and cars, preferably sports cars. DPPI has endeavoured to share the daily lives of drivers and racing teams, from the roads or the circuits, with as many people as possible.

Whether at Le Mans, in the hill races, or on the first circuits of what had not yet become the big bedlam of Formula 1, the drivers are accessible, welcoming. They smile at the amateurs and the media, who are not yet legion, crowding at the edges of the tracks or circuits.

The presentation of the DPPI agency archives through the hundreds of photographs published and commented on in this book by the photographers and protagonists of the time reveals a world of extraordinary human adventures around exceptional machines.

Access, previously restricted to the media and professionals – most of these press photos have never been published before – has been granted to the general public for the first time thanks to this book, which is offered at a very competitive price, given its quality and scope.

Legendary drivers, essential manufacturers, shots of the greatest mythical races in the world… This unique book will allow motorsports enthusiasts but also photography enthusiasts to dive back into the heart of events.

Since joining L'Equipe in 1960, Johnny Rives has been the best specialist of motorsports. A former commentator of the F1 Grand Prix on TF1, he has published numerous books devoted to his passion for racing and sports cars. He draws up some moving portraits of great drivers to complement the DPPI photographs. A former driver, Manou Zurini is the oldest of the motor racing photographers, namely within the DPPI agency. A fixture on the circuits since the beginning of the 60s, many of his shots have been published around the world. Now retired from the circuits, he is an internationally renowned sculptor and delivers all his knowledge of motorsports in the captions to the photographs in this book.

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