Ferrari 250 GTO - Red - Goodwood TT - 1963 - Limited Poster

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Rally legend re-born

This red Ferrari 250 GTO poster depicts Graham Hill's distinctive car, which won the Goodwood Tourist Trophy Race in 1963. Designed and built by a team led by Giotto Bizzarrini, the car's racing pedigree is yet another reason why it's held in such high esteem - and the prestige has only intensified over time.
The legendary Ferrari 250 GTO dominated the highly regarded Goodwood Tourist Trophy Race in the early 1960s and our poster collection is a celebration of the race car's success at this event.

Fittingly for a car of this stature, we've used a luxurious, thick paper stock - and limited the production run to 1000.

For all of our posters we use high quality off-set printing, premium paper, and vibrant color reproduction that stands the test of time - just like the cars themselves. Each one is limited and labeled with a special hologram sticker to denote its authenticity.

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