Formula 1¨ Concept 2022 Sculpture

By Amalgam Collection

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Hand made miniature sculpture 11 cms / 4 inches long

Designed by Remco de Reus, based on the F1® Concept 2022 supplied by Formula 1® Group

Weight approximately 75 gms

Comes with a booklet explaining the rule changes and consequent radical impact on the design of the cars from 2022 onwards

An officially licensed Formula 1® product


With a complete reworking of the F1 regulations coming in 2022, the cars will look radically different. The F1 Concept 2022 design that Formula 1 Group has shared with Amalgam, is a compelling taste of what the cars will look like under the new regulations. Amalgam's beautiful miniature sculpture by Remco de Reus captures the essence of the F1 Concept 2022 design, and distils it into a fine collectable piece.

Amongst luxury and classic car owners and model collectors, Amalgam Collection are renowned and respected as makers of the world's finest large scale car models for Ferrari and the cream of the high-end European car brands and F1 Teams. Now we have entered new territory with the creation of beautifully worked miniature car sculptures designed by artist Remco de Reus. We will create a growing number of miniature sculpture collections, that capture the essence of the most extreme and outstanding designs from the 1920s through to the present day. A collection is planned that spans the decades of F1 since 1947 through to the present day, capturing the essence of the most significant cars throughout F1 history.

Each sculpture is hand cast, hand finished, primed, plated in aluminium and finally clear lacquered and polished. The sculpture comes with a booklet containing details of the rule changes and their impact on the car design, all enclosed in a beautiful presentation box.


The 2022 cars will have a radical new design philosophy and striking new look, with sweeping bodywork, simplified front wings, bigger rear wings, increased underbody aerodynamics, wheel wake control devices, simplified suspension, and low-profile tyres with 18-inch rims.


Front wing - 2 metre span with 4 elements and rolled tip endplates, designed to generate efficient front downforce, without being adversely affected by the wake of another car.

Wheels - 18" diameter wheel rims, with low profile Pirelli tyres, complete with aerodynamic front wheel winglets and rim fairings, designed to minimise the disruptive wake of the wheels.

Underfloor - Fully profiled 3d tunnelled underfloor with leading edge fences to create efficient underfloor downforce.

Cockpit - Integrated HALO, better designed to flow with the bodywork lines.

Rear wing - Totally new 2 element upper and lower rear wing configurations, with rolled upper tips to reduce the aerodynamic detriment for a following car.

Diffuser - Large volume diffuser with prescribed rear corner aerodynamic devices, aimed at creating the optimum aerodynamic conditions for close racing.

Development - Over 5000 CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) runs conducted during the aerodynamic development programme using state-of-the-art cloud computing.

Formula 1® 2022 RULE CHANGES - 10 KEY POINTS

After plenty of discussions, the new rules for the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship have finally been unveiled, and a lot will change both on and off the track. Formula 1 hopes that the new formula will bring more exciting racing both in the immediate and in the distant future.

The biggest changes for 2022 are in the technical regulations where the cars will look very different. As part of a huge push to increase the number of exciting races, the aero formula has undergone considerable development but there are still plenty more changes under the skin.

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