A Piece of Chic
Founded: 2012
Origin: France

Founded in August 2012, A PIECE OF CHIC was born from the desire to perpetuate a local Lyon specialty: printing and making silk scarves. Lyon has been the capital of weaving and printing on silk since the Renaissance. 

Although our scarves are unisex, our main aim was to make men wear silk scarves again, reigniting that elegance and touch of chic so characteristic of the early 20th century dandyism. That time when explorers, aviation pioneers, the first car racers, and motorcyclists accomplished their exploits always with this silk scarf; so elegant, so precious, and so useful. 

Since then, other accessories for men's coquetry have been added to our collection, always with the priority of promoting our national craft and industrial heritage. For us, elegance does not only depend on the choice of colours and materials, but also and above all on the way of being and doing...  

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE Inspired by 1930s and 1940s motorcycle culture and driving gear, Sébastien Chirpaz has revived the spirits of motor racing with his fashion label A Piece of Chic. With his selection of nostalgic aviator jackets, heavy wool sweaters and artful scarves is reintroducing the elegance of yesteryear to the 21st century.

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