Le Volant Noir Bracelet

By The Mechanists

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Le Volant Noir is a tribute to the Coach builders, the pioneering spirit, the passion for creation and the desire to touch pure elegance and sophistication. “Le Volant Noir” is a far more modern interpretation of our original Sayer Collection bracelet. The Sterling Silver Steering Wheel is plated with Black Rhodium, the most expensive of all precious metal.

Symbol of the Automobile Haute Couture

Each Bracelet is crafted by hand thanks to the artisanal savoir-faire of a British workshop.

Sterling silver 925 plated with Black Rhodium



Model ▪ Le Volant Noir
Year Prod. ▪ 2019
Country ▪ United Kingdom
Body Type ▪ Sterling Silver and Black Rhodium-Plated
Size ▪ 25mm diameter
Kerb Weight ▪ 2.6g approx.
Cord ▪  adjustable manually
Side ▪ LHD & RHD

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